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Guaranteed Gauging Solutions from YPG...

For fifty years, YPG has specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality precision gauges a vital element in the quest for consistent manufacturing accuracy, and a secure basis for inspection procedures.

Today we offer an extensive range of metrology gauging products that are manufactured to meet your gauging
and inspection needs.

Featured Product:
B2 : Gap & Step Gauge

Exclusive agents for B2 StepGauge

Exclusive agents for Oskar-Schwenk:
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YPG Gages, Inc. is the USA sales group for YPG Ltd.
web-site: www.ypggages.com


Plug Gauges Indicating Bore Gauges Cylinder Bore Gauges Split Ball Bore Gauges Screw Gauges Gauge Sets Ring Gauges Gap & Feeler Gauges Thread Measuring Cylinders Measuring Tapes Adjustable Snap Gauges Gap & Step Gauges Depth Gauges.

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