C Type

1.00mm to 220mm
Go and No GO Adjustable Snap GaugesManufactured to ANSI B47 – 1- 1988 standard, the gauges can be supplied as standard in an open condition for Customer setting or, alternatively, set and sealed for dedicated feature inspection.
Construction of the gauge centres on a high quality stabilised cast iron frame, making the gauges an ideal choice for continuous production use, enabling periodic adjustment and re-set to compensate for wear. The measuring feature consists of a hardened tool steel fixed anvil block and two opposing, adjustable square anvils also manufactured in hardened tool steel. The maximum parallelism error is 0.005mm (Sizes 1 – 6) and 0.008mm (Sizes 7 – 13).
Gauge life and dimensional stability are guaranteed based on well proven manufacturing processes incorporating a stabilized cast iron frame and a robust quality management system.
• Set and sealed to dedicated Go and No Go dimensions.
• UKAS Certification

Snap Gage – Type C

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