B2 Check Fixture Mini, Gap & Step Gauge.

The Check Fixture Mini is the smaller version to the B2 Gap & Step Gauge. An innovative design allowing the user to easily take measurements for both step and gap with fast one-handed operation. A feature particularly useful when measuring around checking fixture clamps and other almost inaccessible features. The Base design allows measurements to be taken on stable or uneven surfaces.

B2 Check Fixture Mini.


A resolution of 0.01mm couples with an accuracy across the measuring range of 12mm meets the majority industries requirements. B-Squared gauges are designed by experienced users of digital measuring equipment, resulting in an ergonomic, compact product giving consistent, long term, measuring accuracy and repeatability.

Technical Specifications:
Part No: CFM-095 and CFM-095-SPC.
Gap Range: 1mm to +12mm.
Step Range: -6.0mm to +6.0mm.
Resolution: 0.01mm.
Accuracy: +/-0.02mm.
Repeatability: 0.01mm.
Adjustable wrist strap, dust and moisture proof case.

Wi Fi and Cable connectivity for SPC data gathering.
Certificate of Conformity.