B2 Check Fixture Mini

Check Fixture Mini, Gap & Step Gauge.

Check Fixture MiniThe Check Fixture Mini  is the smaller version to the B2 gap & Step Gauge. An ideal measuring tool for assemblies where panel flushness and gap specification is paramount. A resolution of 0.01mm couples with an accuracy across the measuring range of 12mm meets the majority industries requirements. B-Squared gauges are designed by experienced users of digital measuring equipment, resulting in an ergonomic, compact product giving consistent, long term, measuring accuracy and repeatability.

Technical Specifications:
Part No: CFM-095-SPC and CFM-095.
Gap Range: 1mm to +12mm.
Step Range: -6.0mm to +6.0mm.
Resolution: 0.01mm.
Accuracy: +/-0.02mm.
Repeatability: 0.01mm
Adjustable wrist strap, dust and moisture proof case.


Wi Fi and cable connectivity for SPC data gathering.


Product Data Sheet Download:
CFM-095 data sheet