B2 Rivet Gauge

The B2 Rivet & Step gauge is an ideal gauge for the aerospace or auto industry to measure rivet heights or convert to measure step height. Great as a high speed, accurate go/no go gauge in Quality Control.


B2 Rivet Gauge

Technical Specifications:
Part no: RIVSG
Flush Range: -5.0mm to +14.00mm.
Resolution: 0.01mm.
Accuracy: +/-0.02mm.
Repeatability: 0.01mm

B-Squared gauges are designed by experienced users of digital measuring equipment, resulting in an ergonomic, compact product giving consistent, long term, measuring accuracy and repeatability. The instruments design allows the inspector to take measurements single handidly, a feature particularly useful when measuring almost inaccessible features.
A resolution of 0.01mm couples with an accuracy across the measuring range of 14.00mm meets the majority industries requirements.

• Wi Fi and cable connectivity for SPC data gathering.

Product Data Sheet Download.
RIVSG Data Sheet.