Depth Gauges with Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator Depth GaugesUsed in production inspection areas for checking and measuring the depth of blind holes, stepped holes and counter-bores. The gauging pin check depths up to 200mm dependent on the hole diameter. The dial gauge incorporates Go, No Go markers allowing production, inspection and supervision to monitor machining trends and tool wear.
Both the barrel and measuring pin are manufactured from tool steel for long life in a robust environment. The dial gauge allows the user to re-zero the gauge using a master setting block or ring thereby enabling consistent depth measurement to an accuracy of +/- 0.01mm.
Gauge life and dimensional stability are guaranteed based on well proven manufacturing processes and a robust quality management system.
• Angled face for measuring holes at an angle to the datum face.
• Sharp leading edge on the pin for inspecting the intersection of the hole and an angled face.
• Chamfered leading edge on the pin for accommodating a radius in the corner of a blind hole.
• Recessed leading face on the pin to clear protrusions.
• Stepped outer barrel to clear component features.
• UKAS certification for setting block or ring.