Thread Inspection Systems

Johnson Gage (JGCO) are world leaders in the field of Thread Inspection System. These systems meet, help define and exceed the most stringent industry standards.

Johnson Gage

Thread Inspection Systems are available for both internal and external thread applications. By incorporating both Functional and Pitch Diameter Size measurements into its basic design, JGCO not only assure assembly and dimensional conformance, but also add a measure of confidence and integrity to both the inspection process and the final product.

JG External Portable JG Internal Bench JG Internal Portable






System Versatility
Since many thread inspection applications are different, all JGCO Thread Inspection Systems are designed with versatility in mind. From fixed-size systems for high volume inspection to range adjustable systems for maximum versatility, standard JGCO Inspection Systems are ideally suited to your application, UN, UNJ, Metric, NPT, Acme, Buttress as well as other thread profiles are easily incorporated into the basic design. Easy solutions to unique requirements regardless of feature and size runout and concentricity inspection relative to the thread are simple extensions to the basic external and internal inspection systems. Both analogue dial & digital and inch & metric indicators are available.

JG Internal Portable JG External Bench JG External Portable

YPG are the exclusive UK distributor for Johnson Gage Co, based in Bloomfield, CT, USA.

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