Rok-It Bore Gauges

6mm Diameter to 300mm Diameter
Rok-it Bore GaugesROK-IT Go, No Go gauge design and concept is where each gauge member is a slice through a sphere, enabling the user to gauge holes without any discernible friction by simply rocking the gauge in the component hole over the sphere center.
Manufactured to BS969-1982 and supplied as double ended gauges for diameters less than 150mm and single ended for 150mm to 300mm diameter.
The Rok-It design offers many operational benefits:
• No gauge alignment and therefore no time wasted by the gauge jamming in the hole.
• 80% lighter than the comparative plug, reducing handling effort.
• Able to inspect for out of roundness.
• Minimal friction, giving consistent gauging standards between operators.
• Deep bore design.
• UKAS Certification

Rok-it Gauge
Double Ended Rok-it Gauge






Single Ended Rok-it gauge