Progressive Slot Gauges

progressive slot gaugesUnlike standard slot gauges, progressive Go, No Go slot gauges incorporate separate gauging steps for the slot width and length.
This allows production inspection to know immediately whether it is the length or width of the slot which is not to specification without having to take additional measurements.
The Go gauge member has the Go length and stepped Go, No Go stages for the slot width. The No Go member only gauges the slot length.Depending on the production process the slots can be either square ended or have a full radius, YPG offers both designs.
Manufactured in hardened tool steel to BS 969-1982, gauge life and dimensional stability are guaranteed based on well proven manufacturing processes and a robust quality management system.

• UKAS Certification
Progressive Radius Ended Slot Gauges
Progressive Square Ended Slot Gauge


Radius Ended                                                                  Square Ended