Indicating Plug Gauge

The Indicating Bore Gauge is a robust, intelligent plug gauge with a mechanical two-point contact comparator suitable for manual and automatic measurement where each gauge is tailored to suit specific application requirements.
The measuring sleeves comes in three basic designs:
• Conventional plug design – size range 2.5mm to 130mm diameter.
• Cross sleeve design – 130mm to 500mm diameter.
• Cross sleeve design with support runners – 500mm to 800mm.
The Indicating plug gauge is ideal for monitoring manufacturing trends and production data.

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Key Benefits:

• High precision, measurement deviation of 0.002mm and repeatability of 0.0005mm.
• Easy use and handling ensuring a high level of productivity and repeatability.
• Can be used with all major brands of digital electronic or indicator dial gauges.
• The measuring sleeve design ensures no tilting is required when gauge is entering the bore.
• Cross sleeve designs have the feature of reduced weight and improved handling for inspecting large diameters.
• OD gauges can be supplied with hardened steel, Delrin, ruby, ceramic, diamond or hard chromed steel contact pins.
• Features for blind hole and tapered hole measurement.

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