Optional Pin & Plug Gauge Features

Specialist Gauge MakersPin, Tri-Lock and Taper-lock gauges have a number of features which can be added to suit a particular application. YPG’s experienced, specialist gauge makers have considerable experience in applying these features against the customer’s component drawing requirements.
• Extended length gauge members.
• Progressive (Stepped) gauge member, Go, No Go.
• Progressive (Stepped) gauge member for inspecting concentricity.
• Segmented (Blade) No Go gauge member for checking out of roundness.
• Hexagonal gauge members.
• Air Release flat on the Go member.
• Depth steps on the Go member
• Pilot Entry lead-in chamfers.
• Leading face on Go member relieved to clear a protrusion.
• Extended length handles.
• Handles marked with customer specific information.
• UKAS Certification


Hexagonal Style                                                               Square Style
Order Template Drawing                                              Order Template Drawing

Diamond Segmented                                                          D Shape Segmented
Order Template Drawing                                                    Order Template Drawing


Full Length                                                                                           .
Parallel Segmented                                                       Paralell Segmented
Order Template Drawing                                             Order Template Drawing